Indigenous plants support nutrition in Southern Africa

Indigenous plants use din making jams and juice

Researchers in Southern Africa turn indigenous plants into food products to tackle micronutrient deficiencies. By Nelson Mandela Ogema Food recipes developed from indigenous plants and adapted to local climates could improve nutrition and alleviate food shortages in rural households in Sub-Saharan Africa, researchers say.The African researchers created products – including jams, juices, syrups, yogurts, and…

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Malawi aims to boost ethanol production amid challenges

Gift Kadzamira, Director General, National Commission for Science and Technology (NCST)

Malawi is banking on ethanol as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to imported petrol. By Paul Adepoju Malawi is working to increase its ethanol production through public-private partnerships in a bid to generate cheaper, cleaner transport fuel, a senior official says. Ethanol, which is made by breaking down the starch in maize kernels into sugar…

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Researchers partner with private sector in Malawi

Collaborations with businesses and government help researchers in Malawi tackle ‘real world problems’. By: Michael Kaloki The Science Granting Councils Initiative is using the so-called “triple helix approach” to enable African researchers to collaborate with their governments, the private sector and other scientists, to advance science and overcome funding challenges.  Gift Kadzamira, director general of the National Commission…

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