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Science Granting Council

Research Council of Zimbabwe

The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) was established in 1986 to promote, direct, supervise and coordinate research. One of the major functions of RCZ is advising Government on issues of research for sustainable development. RCZ also provides an exceptional forum for interaction and discussion for the mutual benefit of Government, academia and industrialists.


Invitation to an African-German Scientific Exchange: “Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) invites interested scientists from all Sub-Saharan African countries and researchers at all universities and research institutes in Germany, explicitly including universities of applied sciences, to take part in a scientific exchange in the field of agricultural sciences with special emphasis on the sustainable intensification of agriculture. The invitation…

Research Pathway to solving Zim’s energy crisis

Energy is at the heart of all efforts aimed at attaining the country’s Vision 2030 of becoming an upper middle income economy, as well as a major driving force behind the attainment of all Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

COVID-19 Disrupts Regional Research Projects Far, Wide

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on science has been large, disrupting the conduct of wide-ranging research and forcing scientists to scale down or completely stop work on finding solutions to some of the pressing problems facing our society

Africa’s science-granting councils are failing women

Equality-promoting funding policies “still in their infancy”, review finds Many national bodies disbursing African research funding grants are failing to address gender imbalances in their support, a review paper has found. The paper, published in April in the journal Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics, assessed gender policies and practices across 15 African science-granting councils.…

Researchers aim to boost production of tilapia native fish species

Researchers from Zimbabwe and Malawi are trying to develop a genetically superior broodstock of tilapia to boost productivity, enhance food security and support smallholder farmers to realise better returns from fish value chains.

Zim, Malawi in joint bio-fertilizers research

Scientists from Zimbabwe and Malawi are working on a joint research project to develop bio-fertilisers which are inexpensive and eco-friendly to help boost crop productivity for smallholder farmers and reduce the use of chemical fetilisers which are damaging the quality of soils