Gender and Inclusivity

Initiative goals

We are advancing gender equity and inclusiveness in the science, technology, and innovation sector in Africa through our collaboration with SGCs. We have partnered with the councils to:

  • Strengthen their research and grant-making systems and procedures and scientific merit review.
  • Digitise their online grant management systems and databases of peer reviewers.
  • Integrate research excellence (particularly the knowledge and use of tools such as Research Quality Plus framework), research ethics, and emerging scientific practices in open and collaborative science (open access, open data and citizen science) in their work.
  • Facilitate their access to the Good Financial Grant Practice (GFGP) certification to improve grants management.
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among Councils through staff exchanges and learning visits.
  • Support proposal development skills among the SGCs’ research grantees.

SGCI funded projects

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Gender and Inclusivity News

Time is running out: How a gender lens in research can help us meet development targets

A new webinar series on gender equality and inclusivity in research funding draws on the conviction that research that is informed by a gender equality and inclusion lens offers the best chance the world has of meeting its sustainable development targets. In almost any discussion of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, the…

Connecting with the convictions that drive gender transformative work

At a recent workshop involving 13 African science granting councils it emerged that a deepening understanding of and commitment to the concepts of gender equality and inclusivity is starting to produce tangible – and valuable – outcomes A workshop in Cape Town saw  13 national science granting councils in Africa successfully present the first drafts…

A ‘big picture’ view on research ecosystems

Q&A with DR LILIAN HUNT Dr Lilian Hunt – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health (EDIS) lead at the Wellcome Trust in the UK and Chair of the Advisory Board of the Gender Equality and Inclusivity (GEI) Project of the Science Granting Council Initiative (SGCI) led by the Human Science Research Council in…

Science Grant Councils

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Our work with Science Granting Councils (SGCs) focuses on six key themes:

Strategic Communications and Knowledge uptake

Strategic Communications and Knowledge uptake

Private Sector Engagement

Private Sector Engagement

Research Management

Research Management

Evidence in Policymaking

Evidence in Policymaking



Impact we’re having

Low-tech health app engages

Five years after its launch, PENSA – a mobile app developed in Mozambique— has been accessed by…

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