Call for full proposal – public – private partnerships in research and innovation in Tourism

The Public and Private Partnership Research and Innovation Grant, has been established with co-funding between the SGCI and FNI (Mozambique Science Granting Council) with the aim of supporting research projects in Tourism as one of the identified national priority areas of research.  The SGCI and FNI will, therefore, co-fund demand-led, collaborative research projects that address issues of relevance to the private sector focusing on Tourism.  

FNI is, therefore, calling for research proposals focusing on Tourism to be considered for funding. Each proposal will be funded at an approximate value of US$50,000 for research projects that will be implemented for a period not exceeding 12 months. For more information, refer to the programme prospectus

For more information contact:

Tell: +258 21724917 
For system registration questions: Eng. Baggio Chimonzo 
For technical questions of the project: Dr. Manecas Alferes 

Closing date: 25 July 2018