Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) Launch

Recognizing the fragmented nature of sustainability engagement, the lack of a professional society to support sustainability careers (both academic and non-academic), and limited community convening for transdisciplinary efforts at the science-society-innovation nexus, we have developed a new opportunity, SRI2020 (

The Belmont Forum, together with Future Earth, is launching an event series focused on Sustainability Research and Innovation.  The purpose of these annual events is to:

• build transdisciplinary science community, inclusive of all sectors and knowledge streams

• legitimize sustainability as a career through the formation of a professional society

• provide a venue for training, mentoring, valorization, and synthesis

• connect through demonstration, development of best practices, and engagement with a broad swath of stakeholders

• foster green entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation

• co-develop action to advance sustainability pathways

• provide an interactive space for the range of sustainability funders to explore new partnership models and synchronize complementary activity

• increase uptake through effective public communication, including youth messaging

We are happy to announce that Brisbane will be hosting the first event on June 14-17, 2020.  The Executive Team is working together with program partners to source travel grants and co-develop demonstrations, public events, workshops, data and digital transformation engagements with sustainability stakeholders from governance, indigenous organizations, private sector, and academia.  If you are interested in becoming a program partner, please respond to this e-mail.

On September 18th, we will hold 2 webinars to announce the launch of an open call for session and event proposals:  We hope you will join us to learn more and help us shape this exciting new series!