Second Public and Private Partnership Call in Uganda: Manufacturing & Agro-processing of Food and Beverages

The transition to knowledge-based economies has put the role of knowledge at the pinnacle of trade, investments, manufacturing and socio-economic development. The contribution of the knowledge generating organizations, their linkages with the private sector and the potential for knowledge exchange and technology transfer has become central. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) in research and innovation present an opportunity for co-creation and exchange of knowledge and associated products with the private sector. In the context of the SGCI, public-private sector partnerships refer to the linkages between the publicly-funded research entities on the one hand, and the industry, particularly the manufacturing sector, on the other hand. 

In order to promote the co-creation and exchange of knowledge and associated products between the public and private sector, the SGCI and the SGCs in SSA have instituted a Public and Private Partnership Research and Innovation Grant. The grant, in Uganda, has been established with co-funding between the SGCI and UNCST with the aim of supporting research projects in the manufacturing sector as one of the identified national priority areas of research. The SGCI and UNCST will, therefore, co-fund demand-led, collaborative research projects that address issues of relevance to the private sector focusing on agricultural value addition 

For more information, refer to the programme call by clicking here.
The full proposals should be submitted electronically by clicking here, no later than 31st May 2018