Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) in Sub-Saharan Africa: Co-Funders Statement on Coronavirus COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents a significant global challenge, requiring close science-policy-society proximity. The scientific enterprise is being called upon to collectively diagnose, offer solutions and advice in the context of uncertainty and complexity.   

The pandemic and the required collective response underline the critical importance of the SGCI to continue strengthening the capacities of science granting councils and broader research systems in the 15 participating countries across Sub-Saharan Africa to support research and evidence-based policies that will contribute to better preparedness and response.

The SGCI Initiative Management Team (IMT) is keen to discuss with SGCs, individually and collectively, any particular ways to provide support to you, your governments and your research communities. This might include responses in the short-term to COVID-19 through research, science advice and innovation at a national and regional level; and in the medium-term to develop rapid response mechanisms to deal with other crises that may arise in the future.


SGCI Executive Committee members:

Aldo Stroebel, NRF

Naser Faruqui, IDRC-CRDI

Eunice Muthengi, DFID-Nairobi

AnnaMaria Oltorp, Sida