Live Virtual Panel Discussion 2: Managing Conflict of Interest in Contract Research and Technology Transfer

SARIMA invites you to participate in the second live virtual panel discussion for 2018. This discussion focuses on the management of conflict of interest and will explore situations giving rise to conflict of interest in contract research and technology transfer, give effective management strategies for dealing with conflict of interest, and provide real-life case studies.

Specific discussion points will include:
  • Involvement of university employees / students in spin-offs
  • Researchers’ time and commitment issues
  • Use of university equipment, space, personnel, etc. 
  • Development of policies and requirements of the HEI Act

The webinar will include one or two short presentations and the panel chair will then lead the panel in a structured discussion. This will be followed by an open Q&A session where the audience is invited to interact with the panel.

Date:  Friday, 17 August 2018
Time:  12:30pm - 13:40pm (SAST)

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