INGSA Opportunity - Legislative Science Advice Research Project

​We are reaching out to the members of this listerv because of your expertise in governmental science advice. We are conducting a study, funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, to collaboratively create an international research agenda for legislative science advice, using a two-step process of expert consultation. The results will be discussed at INGSA's parliamentary science advice workshop on Nov. 8th in Tokyo.
Do you have ideas about which are the most important research questions to answer in order to further the international practice and study of legislative science advice? If so, please provide us with your contact information and area of expertise HERE. We will contact you about participation in the study.

From the experts who contribute research questions, we will select 40 volunteers to help us prioritize them. The results will be published in a peer-reviewed, open-access publication. Individuals who contribute research questions will be thanked publicly in the resulting paper, unless they elect to remain confidential. The 40 individuals who participate in both parts of the study will be invited to serve as co-authors. 

We realize that composing good research questions is not easy and can be time-consuming. Depending on how many research questions you choose to contribute, filling out the survey could take 15 minutes or more of your time once you already have the question(s) in mind. As a small token of appreciation, we will send you a $10 Visa gift card thank you gift. We believe that this small gift is not likely to be prohibited under most ethics rules, but if you believe that accepting it would be contrary to those of your organization, simply leave the space for the email address blank.

Please join us in helping to build a strong international community of researchers and practitioners in support of legislative science advice.

Submit your contact information at this link to be invited to the study: