Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning​

The SGCI has put in place a robust Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework called a Learning Based Management Approach. This approach will guide its evaluative activities and support its multi-faceted learning and accountability needs. The foundation of this framework is built upon the premise that as the Initiative undertakes activities with the Councils to strengthen the capacity of each, there will be resulting observable (and therefore measurable) changes in the ‘actions, practices and relationships’ of the Councils as they engage in their work. Identifying and documenting these behavioural changes is critical to understanding the types and number of outcomes that can be associated with the intended contributions of the Initiative to reaching the Initiative’s objectives. 

The MEL framework has been designed with a monitoring process that uses a set of indicators that are tracked through the use of yearly target markers of progress. These markers form a pathway of progressively transformative behavioural changes that are desired of the Councils. These SGC achievements are then documented for learning and reporting purposes. In this way, the Initiative can follow the pathway of change taken by each Council and its journey in reaching each of the objectives set forth by the Initiative.

A key element of the framework is its use of monitoring data to feed ongoing and regular learning and management priorities within the SGCI. Using different processes and scale of interactive activities such as regular reflective workshops held alongside the Annual Meetings, monitoring data is presented, discussed, analysed and re-integrated into the Initiative’s operations in collaboration with the individual SGCs and the Collaborating Technical Agencies (CTA).

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